a dream school for
social media managers



Learn our exact process of working with high ticket SMM clients! You’ll know exactly how to build a solid social strategy, create content calendars, and create an A+ experience for your clients!


So you’ve decided to start your dream SMM biz! And now you have clients you’re excited to work with…BUT…

HOW exactly do you work with them?!?! What do you need to do as a SMM?! We’re here to teach you our exact process of working with dream clients that gets them RESULTS! You’ll feel CONFIDENT AF in your services and know what to do once you land a client! 

Say goodbye to watching youtube videos and DIY-ing your process! It’s time to create a BOSS GIRL system to take your clients through! Time to make your clients say WOW and feel like their socials are in good hands!

This is where your SMM biz stands out…

You are building a LEGIT business, so you need proven systems and strategies to match!! Time to kick it up a notch and have the exact framework for social media success for all of your clients!

SMM University is the HOLY GRAIL of learning these systems and feeling confident as a SMM! 

it's time to share the insider secrets!

Once a client says yes to your services you find yourself saying “oh sh*t now what do I do??!” You’ve tried googling how to make sure clients get results and are happy. But somehow you’re still feeling lost about what to do! 

We created SMM University for people just like YOU!!! We know exactly how you feel! And trust us, we spent HOURS upon HOURS on Google, Youtube, and even TikTok trying to discover HOW to work with clients. People will share how to become a SMM but nobody tells you the next steps!! And let’s be real, if you don’t know HOW to work with a client then you’ll never feel confident!! 

SMM University is here to pull back the curtains and share our exact process! You’ll leave knowing HOW to create a social media strategy for clients, HOW to create content calendars, and HOW to create a stand out experience for your clients. It’s so good your clients are going to know they made the right decision!! 

Our favorite part?! You’ll feel CONFIDENT AF!!! This means more sales, higher prices, and attracting dream clients!!


we believe in fun-first approaches to create your dream life!

We wanted to teach everything we WISH i knew before working with our first client!!
So SMM University was born to teach exactly that!!! 

So it’s time to pack your tote bag, grab your fav notebook, and go back to school!!!

This ain’t any school though!! This is the most fun university you’ll ever attend! Over here, SMM University is all about taking ACTION and having fun while doing it!! 

Becoming a booked out SMM starts with INVESTING IN YOURSELF and your skills!! Cuz let’s think about it….most “traditional jobs” (yes, think about that scary 9-5 you decided to avoid or leave behind) require weeks of training and supervision before you’re trusted to work by yourself!!

But who leads this training in the online space?!? Who teaches you HOW to be a social media manager?! HOW to work with clients?!? WHAT to do once you land a client?!? 

WE DO NOW!!!! 

It’s time for you to have all of your SMM questions answered!! 

You’ll walk away with clear steps, resources, and even templates that you can use to work with clients!! see ya later, imposter syndrome!!!

We are giving you the exact framework you need to be able to CONFIDENTLY land high ticket clients for less than the price of ONE client!!

Can it get any better?!?! UM YESSSS!! We will also be hosting LIVE group calls and networking events throughout the year for anyone who has ever purchased SMM University! You can come with any questions no matter what stage of your SMM journey you’re at! Meet other SMMs, ask your questions, and get direct feedback for YOU!!

give me all the deets!!

This is a FIRST EVER hybrid course-program!!!
It is a self-paced course but has LIVE GROUP CALLS!!! Like WTF!?!!  How epic is that!!!

We wanted you to learn at your own speed but come to calls with any questions to get the exact support and feedback you NEED!!! When I tell you this is a crazy cool model…i MEAN it!!! You’ll be supported, build a community who GETS you, and be able to learn everything you need to!!

Tell me all!

Module 1


Are you charging enough?! 
Are your services & messaging clear?!

Create your own services guide to make a WOW first impression

Module 2

landing your first client

Who to pitch to 
Pitch template for warm and cold leads

Our lead/Pitch tracker

Module 3

Social media strategy

Walk through our exact process
Our social strategy questionnaire 
Our social strategy template

Learn how to create a social media strategy for clients

Module 4

Content Calendars

Our content calendar template
How to get feedback & approval from clients
Content ideas for ANY niche!!

Learn how to translate a social strategy into a content calendar 

Module 5

Content creation

How to track analytics & report them 
Our monthly report template
Client on-boarding & communication
How to create “WOW” moments 
How to gather testimonials

Above & Beyond

How to track analytics & report them 
Our monthly report template
Client on-boarding & communication
How to create “WOW” moments 
How to gather testimonials

Module 6

(earn it back with your first client, plus have some extra!!!)


Enroll in SMM University

PLUSSSS you’ll walk away with the most coveted degree ever….a


How to:

Purchase SMM & get instant access to ALL of the lessons. It is a self paced course, so you can tackle it in your own time!! Feel like grabbing your fav mocha and diving into all of the lessons?! Say less!! Want to spread it out piece by piece?! You got it!!! 

SMM University is broken down into 6 modules that each include various video lessons. Most of the lessons include videos of us talking through the slide or walking through the process. (We have learned this is the best way to learn!!) We’ll be there with you every step of the way!! 

ACTION STEPS! You’ll have access to our SMM Toolkit with all of the resources and templates you need! We recommend watching a lesson and taking immediate action to implement what you learned!! 

SMM University CALLS!!!! We’ll host monthly calls for everyone who has ever purchased SMM University! You’ll be able to connect with the other SMMs, share experiences, a d ask us any questions no matter what stage you’re at in your SMM journey!! Literally no other course offers this type of support!!!


Check out our “SHOP” for our mini courses about starting your SMM biz! There we teach you how to start your IG, how to determine services, and how to build your SMM brand!! 

Want to start from the very beginning?!