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we're spilling ALL the tea!! 

it's time for you to have the business & life of your dreams!! We've got the tools & the fun to get ya there!! We've created courses to help you build your own social media biz. With our resources, templates, and video tutorials, you'll be slaying the social media & biz game in no time!

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SMM University Course


Like college, but 100x cooler!! This is the ultimate (yes *ultimate*) course for people who are ready to go ALL IN on building a fun SMM biz! We’re showing you exactly how we got to where we are, so you can do it, too because there’s room for everyone!

coming soon!

Then grab your notebooks & pack your backpacks, because class is about to begin! Learn how to kick start your SMM biz and land clients! Say hello to living your best life!! 

Looking to start your dream life as a SMM? 

Wondering where to start and how to land clients?

Want a course that FINALLY answers all of your questions and gives you ACTION STEPS?

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strategy + VIP Days 

The MOST FUN way to dive into your business!

Where business meets FUN!! It’s like a girls’ day on STEROIDS filled to the brim with social media tips, content ideas, &  marketing tips!! Grab your fav outfit and your notebook & join us for a day of coffee, killer food, and cocktails as we work through all of your biz dreams! 

deets, please!

It literally does not get better than this!!


This will be a day for the books!!! Come hang out with us and have one of the most fun biz days you’ve had in a while! It’s time to light up your biz with energy and excitement! WE've grown & scaled our agency to multi six figures through socials, so get your coffee order ready, and come with your notebook because it’s getting REAL up in here!!

the deets!

A FULL day of epicness and TOTAL FUN!! We’ll work through all things social media as we grab brunch, coffee (mochas, obvi 😉), and end the day with cocktails at our fav bar!! We’ll even stop for a fun adventure during the day (but that’s a surprise!!)!

Bring all of your questions and everything you want to strategize! We’ll bring the tools & resources you need as well as a fresh perspective and loads of ideas! You’ll leave feeling totally ON FIRE with a playbook of what steps to take and the confidence to level up your socials!! We'll even film some fun content for you to use on your socials!

PSA - you probs know this already but we loveee to travel!! If you want us coming to you, we got you! Travel and accommodation not included in the price above.

You'll leave with a full strategy, all of your biz + social media questions answered, and a TON of awesome memories! It will be a day that takes your business to new heights while infusing CRAZY amounts of fun and excitement back into it!!

Adventureprenuer Events

The most lit group events & day trips! 

We’re bringing the fun to you IRL!! Yup, in-person events are back & better than ever!! Bring those online relationships offline to make unforgettable memories together! From coffee coworking sessions to day and weekend retreats, these Adventureprenuer events will help your socials POP OFF while being jam-packed with intentional content and TONS of fun (obvi!)! 

stay tuned for upcoming events!

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we help business use the power of instagram & tiktok with fire content, gen-z strategies, + loads of fun! if you're ready to take your social media to the next level, we got you!

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